Modern cosmetics are designed for you to use more of them. And to be able to do that they need to be ineffective.

The main ingredients in modern cosmetics are water and glycerin, which is a byproduct of biodiesel production.

Ancestral Cosmetics are highly effective in a small amount. We don’t put useless cheap fillers in our products so a little bit of product goes a long way.

Our main ingredient is beef tallow, the purest animal fat in existence that’s been used in human cosmetics for more than 5000 years. We use cold-pressed oils such as extra-virgin olive oil, raw local honey and only the purest essential oils. All the ingredients you can eat. The same ones we use to cook for our kids, but made to an even higher standard.

Every single one of the ingredients passes our 3 tests:

  • Ancestral test - that the particular ingredient is rooted in ancestral tradition and stood the test of time by being used in human cosmetics for thousands of years.
  • Natural test - that the ingredient comes from nature and does not involve unnecessary chemical or industrial processing.
  • Scientific test - that the ingredient is validated by modern science to be safe and effective in human cosmetics.

Ancestral Cosmetics are not your average “natural cosmetics” brand. There is plenty of those trying to sell you glycerin as a natural product because it was coconut that entered an industrial machine where it was treated with extreme heat & pressure, and a set of the finest chemical bleaches and deodorizers before being put into your cream.

We are proud to represent the ancestral wisdom of advanced civilizations that came before us. Ancient Egypt. Greece. Rome. And many more.

With all the technological advancements we still can’t understand how pyramids were built. Without heavy machinery or cranes.

We are still in awe of how a man without a formal degree and armed with two wooden sticks calculated the circumference of the Earth down to 99% precision. And he did that more than 2000 years ago.

We are still debating the efficacy of medications, food and cosmetics that are clearly toxic but administered to the world in the name of profit.

But we forget that humans live on this Earth for more than 6.000.000 years. Our ancestors.

And their wisdom is written down in our genes. That’s how we evolved from primitive primals to the very top of the food chain.

Not by ignoring our ancestry. But by embracing it. Learning from it. Making small changes and implementing them gradually.

Under the pressure of corporate profits, we forgot to do that and instead focused on being mindless consumers feeding the ever-greater corporate greed.

The cosmetics industry is controlled by 8 mega-corporations. They control everything you see and buy in the grocery store. Brand names are just a distraction because the money flows to the same 8 giants.

And if they gave us the best and most advanced beauty products in existence we would somehow be ok with it. But they are actively poisoning us.

Selling us ineffective products full of harmful chemicals. Not because they are better, even though they will try to sell you that narrative, but because they are cheaper for them to manufacture. Which means they make even bigger profits.

So if you are ready for a revolution make the switch to Ancestral Cosmetics today.

Truly natural.

Highly effective.

Rooted in ancestral wisdom.

We are proud to introduce some of our bestselling products:

  • Original Tallow & Honey Balm. Made from premium Irish grass-fed beef tallow. Use it instead of body lotion, face cream, day or night cream, or hand cream. Use it on any part of your body to make your skin soft & smooth like silk.
  • Remineralising & Whitening Tooth Powder. Use it to replace common toothpaste. It will provide effective teeth cleaning, whitening and remineralization while being completely clean and free of toxic ingredients.
  • Tallow Sun Balm. The cleanest alternative to the chemical sunscreen. Made with premium Irish grass-fed beef tallow and non-nano zinc oxide.
  • Tallow & Honey Lip Balm. Use it instead of toxic and ineffective commercial lip balms. It will heal your lips while tasting like candy.

All of our products are handmade in Ireland with local ingredients. They are hand-crafted in small batches and thoroughly tested. Every single one of them has our love and passion poured into it.

Learn about our ingredients >

We would be honoured if you consider one of our products for you or a member of your family.

Thanks for reading!

Renata & Mihael

- founders of Ancestral Cosmetics

Meet The Founders

Renata and Mihael are parents of four children.

While raising our kids our main priority was to give them the healthiest foundation possible.

Very soon we realised that everything from food to cosmetics we put on our skin is a potential health hazard.

Even natural cosmetics brands were actually not at all natural, just advertised as such but still contained questionable preservatives, toxic mineral oils derived from crude oil, hormone-disrupting fragrance oils and chemically made cheap fillers falsely advertised as "natural" ingredients.

After we saw the truth of the fake natural cosmetics industry, we decided to make our own cosmetics for our 4 children to make sure we know what exactly goes on our children's skin.

The moment everything changed was when we discovered the benefits of high-quality beef tallow in skincare.

Having a strong foundation in food based primarily on grass-fed Irish beef we wanted to expand the benefits of same to our skincare. Food is skincare, and what we eat should be the same quality as what we put on our skin.

Original Tallow & Honey Balm was the first product we ever made.

Our family and friends loved it and were delighted with the benefits they noticed when using it daily.

This is why we decided to jump in, on this, pretty wild entrepreneurship journey and offer our products to everyone who is looking for a REAL natural skincare.

Our products are all handmade in Ireland with the purest ingredients. Our beef tallow is of the highest quality, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, from the happiest cows in the world here in Ireland.

Before everything else, we are a family business.

Our kids are part of it, packing your orders and labelling our jars of Tallow & Honey Balm.

We promise you that our products will always be made with 100% dedication and all our love poured into them.

Our bestsellers